Monday, April 4, 2011

Unfortunate turn of Events

There are questions in life that disturbs you & makes you sit & think of it well before it is answered.

Yes, there are many questions in life that needs to be answered. 

What made me to scribble this is one of my new friend was kidding me with a question "Why don't you join others when we hang out as a group.?" I could not take this one as simple as that. The thing which was running on my mind that time was, what made him to ask this question to me. Yeah, I do agree that I was not participating in most of the occasions when people around me were hanging out. Still going deeper, it made me think why i couldn't make my presence on those occasions. 

There is some thing in life which happens "unfortunately", that made me step back in all the situations. It is hard to explain those unfortunate things that happen in life. It is you, who gonna make the final decision when those unfortunate thing happen. It is always hard to explain & make understand the unfortunate thing to people, it depends on each individual.

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