Monday, April 4, 2011

Unfortunate turn of Events

There are questions in life that disturbs you & makes you sit & think of it well before it is answered.

Yes, there are many questions in life that needs to be answered. 

What made me to scribble this is one of my new friend was kidding me with a question "Why don't you join others when we hang out as a group.?" I could not take this one as simple as that. The thing which was running on my mind that time was, what made him to ask this question to me. Yeah, I do agree that I was not participating in most of the occasions when people around me were hanging out. Still going deeper, it made me think why i couldn't make my presence on those occasions. 

There is some thing in life which happens "unfortunately", that made me step back in all the situations. It is hard to explain those unfortunate things that happen in life. It is you, who gonna make the final decision when those unfortunate thing happen. It is always hard to explain & make understand the unfortunate thing to people, it depends on each individual.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Music makes ur mood and mood makes u write

Just felt like penning down few fleeting thoughts,

I wonder why this mood has such an effect on one’s life. Also I wonder about the connection between music and mood. How what I listen through my ears is connected to a part of the brain which controls my mood.

I don’t know about others but music does have a lasting effect on my mood. Now as I wrap up my blog post and the day, am in mood for some sleep.

Good Night Ppl..!

All the World’s a stage

“All the World’s a stage” is one of my favorite from school days. I was very excited when my teacher explained the comparison intended in the monologue for the first time. At that time, i never realized it may not be easy to see your loved ones go through few stages of life.

Now when I am visiting my parents, once or twice in a month and watch them struggle to carry out even the normal activities with so much strain, it makes my heart ache.

I do not want my parents to spot the grey hair. I am finding it difficult to accept the fact that they have grown old and can’t do things the old way.

Even today, sitting idle on the wooden couch, I demand for a coffee to my mom “ Amma, Coffee”, hoping to hear her usual response “ 2 minutes da”, instead I hear her say “ Ennala mudiyala daa, am tired”. I feel sad for that moment realizing I am no more a kid and need to parent my parents during their second childhood.

Why is it that I always wish to see my dad as the active hero whom I admire from childhood, someone who can do anything in this world. My mom, the only talented lady, who can manage multiple tasks with an ease and a charming smile without a sign of any tiredness.

"Love You a lots Manju & Naina" :)

Few Unspoken Lines

There’s always a little seriousness behind every ‘Just kidding’
A little knowledge behind every ‘I dont know’
A little Feeling behind every ‘I dont care’
A little uneasiness behind every ‘I am okay’
A little pain behind every ‘forget it’
A little fear behind every ‘Leave me alone’
A little hope behind every ‘Goodbye’
There’s always ‘something’ behind evry ‘nothing’
Every heart has a tale 2 tell behind every action, emotion & expression If only we’d understand the words behind every silence, maybe someday we’d understand life..!